Always Accountable

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to keep myself accountable, to have a world I opened up to, a world I didn’t want to let down.

Two nights ago, I was staring and the warm glow of my phone whilst sitting up in bed. The clock beside me truculently ticked in tandem with the countdown on an eBay item. As the seconds fell away, I eagerly waited to swoop in and outbid a fellow bargain hunter at the last moments, to leave the digital auction house a winner. But it wasn’t a bargain I was seeking. It was a new piece of awesomeness in the form of a new smartphone. Top of the range. Top of the pricing bracket. £400 was the amount I was willing bid to own this handheld device that would bring oh so much joy to my life.

I watched the clock. 60 seconds to go, I can’t wait to use it for all types of stuff. Tick. Like, erm, music and messaging. Tock. Like the same as the mobile phone I have now. Tick. Will I have to put this on my blog. Tock. I will, and everyone will see that I’m weak and helpless. Tick. I’m not buying it, how could I have been so stupid. Tock.

Phone down, book out. Relax.

So thank you World Wild Web, for having my back. Your work here is complete.

(Well not yet, you will have to be there countless times again)


4 thoughts on “Always Accountable

  1. Haha, good work there.
    I would say it depends on how old your current phone cost?
    I managed to go about 3 years with my old nexus 4 before it was upgraded which I think is pretty good for nowadays. Then I bought a pretty decent phone on eBay for 250. No qualms about that!

    Pro tip for future eBay stuff, use to automatically snipe a bid in the last second then you don’t have to worry about your connection lapsing or bothering to even watch it (that’s once you’re certain you want to make the purchase, of course)


    1. I’ve got an iPhone 6, which works perfectly well, and I was looking at the iPhone 7 Plus. I’ve calmed down now and got rid of new technology fever, for now.
      Will check out goofbid, always get nervous that at the 30 second mark my connection will drop and the bid won’t go!


  2. Well done on resisting the temptation!

    I think I ‘immunised’ myself from new technology fever by never jumping on the iPhone bandwagon. While all my friends had shiny new iPhones, I still used my dowdy old Blackberry which they all laughed at (they still do!). I’ve upgraded twice (to other Blackberries) and only when software/apps which I used were no longer being supported on the platform. I splashed out a bit on the last upgrade (£440) as I used side hustle profits to fund it and keep my monthly costs to less than £9/month. I hope it’ll be a long while before I need to upgrade again!

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