The Trigger

If you’ve ever been to a party full of strangers, you will have undoubtably had this, or a very similar, conversation;

“Hi, I’m Sarah. Nice to meet you”

“Hi Sarah, I’m Steve, nice to meet you too”

“So, Steve…” Insert elongated, awkward pause. Perhaps look around the room and nervously fiddle with your buffet plate. “what do you do?”

Sound familiar thus far? The conversation doesn’t usually get any more thrilling.

“Oh, I work in construction / sales / logistics (insert cubicle type job title)”

“Ah, that’s cool”

Sometimes the tedium ends at this point when one of you decide to say “well it was nice meeting you” before wandering off to repeat this with a further 17 people, but not always. For those nosey little guests, who like to pry that little bit further, the kind of people that invited themselves to that party might carry on the cliffhanger of a conversation.

“You enjoying it?”

I’ve been there on numerous occasions and I always replied with the same, honest response. Yes. 

On one particular occasion, it got me thinking about if that was actually an honest response. Was I being honest to myself? I was able to elaborate further with close friends when not under the guise of extremely interesting and intriguing party guest.

Yes I enjoy. It challenges me everyday. I genuinely believe that industry I’m in has some of the best people in the world. I’m fascinated by the technologies, opportunities and outcomes of each project we undertake. The psychology of leadership and human interaction arouses an interest I never knew I had.

Am I happy there? Yes.

But, because there’s always a but, would I rather not be there? Be free to do whatever I wanted? Treat every day like Saturday?


Abso-bloody-lutely yes. 

How can I do that when I’m in debt with bills to pay and a life to live? I need to work to earn money to pay for all this crap I don’t need and do things I don’t want to do. Or do I?

Well, perhaps I don’t. Perhaps there’s this fantastic thing called Financial Independence, with a whole community behind it, showing dreamers like me that it can be achieved.

So that’s how I wound up here. With a number of success stories spurring me on and absolutely no plan or idea on how I would do it.

A man on a mission to make my Dream of Freedom a reality.


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